September 18, 2017

The Cool Down Towel

We've recently had a chance to try out yet another great product. B helped us with this one during his latest cross country race and although I didn't get a good photo during the race he said the OUO Cooling Towel he wore around his neck helped him to stay cool and confidant during the race. Here's a quick video to show you some of the great things about these awesome towels! I love that they come in a three pack so I can give one to each of my kids on days when they are out in the heat and know that they are able to stay cool even when I'm not there to supervise. Yeah for another win!

Because I am a crazy mama and everything must have multiple uses I've also found that these towels make great bibs and are perfect for cleaning up wet messes because they absorb things quickly and hold a lot for the weight. What else would you use them for? And which color is your favorite? I love the pink and blue but hubby is a fan of the grey for work. I wish they had school or team colors as that would be fun but hopefully we'll have more color options in the future.

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