September 13, 2017

Dog 4-H: A New Beginning

With each new season at the Kerr house we have new challenges and goals. This fall, one of the new things we are starting is Dog 4-H. We showed our rabbits last month at the fair and the kids did really well, and loved it, but one of the animals they were really interested in showing next year is dogs, and since we have three we figured why not. This does however mean that MOM has some work to do. I love our dogs but they can be somewhat naughty and they don't always look like show dogs because, well, at the Kerr house we play in the dirt. Thankfully, we have some new items that we are adding to our routine to help us get ready for showing these crazy mutts.

One of the easiest things we are doing is adding a Salmon Oil Supplement to the dog's diet. Salmon oil is a good supplement to give because it aids your pet's body and mind and helps to keep them in top shape. Their are many benefits to salmon oil including healthy skin, coat, joints, heart, kidney and the development and maintenance of the brain, eyes, and immune system. That means that this one supplement is helping our dogs become healthier and smarter! Salmon oil also promotes weightloss and helps reduce allergies. What an awesome thing and it's so easy to give. Just squirt a little on their food and they eat it right up. So simple!

Although Salmon Oil helps our dogs be smarter they still need to learn a few more manners to compete in the show ring. Our big dog, Avie, can be kinda hard for the kids to control simply because of size so while they practice we are using our new Buddy Trainer Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with its handy remote so I can easily help them out even from across the yard. I love this collar because it is simple to use and has many effective training tools including adjustable vibration and shock levels, audible sounds, and flashing lights (my personal favorite). It's all about safe reminders to be on their very best behavior.

Last, but not least, of our new training tools are these Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons. Made from 100% natural, free range cows, they are filler, antibiotic, and hormone free which is exactly what I want to give to my pets. I love that these treats are simple to break into pieces and put in our training pouches for the kids to use during their sessions and it helps keep the kids and dogs happy. It's a great reward for a job well done!

Now that I've shared some of the new things we're using, what are your favorite dog (or other pet) training tips and tools? I know every pet owner has their own techniques that work for them and I'd love to try out some of your great ideas!

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