September 18, 2017

Sleep in Style

Some of you may know that I have a husband that can sleep anywhere. And I mean anywhere! This week I got him a little gift that hopefully will help him complain a little less of neck aches.

This Inflatable Neck Pillow set is perfect for the traveler or just the person who tends to take naps at their desks. It took me a minute to figure out how to inflate it because it does not have your traditional valve but I love the one it does have because it's easy to get out ALL the air and make it flat again. I also like the the pillow is fuzzy and soft meaning that it's almost as good as being curled up with your blankets at home.

The things I don't like are that the fuzzy pillow does make my hear stand on end (but anything fuzzy or silky does that to this girl). I also don't particularly like that the eye mask has a nose cover. I'm assuming to help keep the light from peaking under the mask but it quickly drove me crazy. Other then those two things, which probably won't bother most of you, this is an awesome set and I highly recommend it!

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