April 28, 2011

Ready 4 Baby D: Reuse Zone Review

About Reuse Zone:
Welcome to Reuse Zone - Reusing and Repurposing for a Greener Life. We each have our own passions and mine is being as friendly to our Earth as I can. All of my products are designed to be reusable or have been repurposed - something made from something else. Keeping junk out of the landfills and using earth friendly products is easy when you reuse and repurpose!

My Thoughts: 

I was very excited to try the reusable bags from Reuse Zone. As students E and I like to save money by packing our own lunches and not buying from restaurants or the school. However, I still feel bad because we go through way too many sandwich bags which is not only bad for our environment but also cuts into our budget. We've tried washing the plastic bags but we just don't have the time or will to do so. These reusable bags are a great solution.
The Reuse Zone's sandwich bags are the perfect size for your sandwich or snacks. They have an easy Velcro closure that is tight enough to hold in even the smallest of snacks. The bags are lined with nylon that keeps your sandwiches moist without making them soggy like plastic can. The Reuse Zone has so many cute designs for the cotton outsides it is so hard to choose just one.
I can't wait to use these as my kids get older. It will be great to know that I can make them a healthy lunch without the garbage of plastic bags. And, if they each have their own pattern of bag, I can make them responsible for making sure it gets rinsed each evening.

You can purchase your own set of sandwich bags HERE or watch later this month for a great giveaway from Reuse Zone.

*Disclosure: This product was provided to me at no charge by the company for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid or compensated in any other way.


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