April 27, 2011

Ready 4 Baby D: Paci-Catchers Review

About Paci-Catchers:
Paci-Catchers™ provide you with a must-have baby accessory that is both stylish and functional. Paci-Catchers™ come in over 100 adorable designs to match any baby shower theme. These adaptable clips help mom stay sane by ensuring baby doesn’t lose beloved binkies and toys!
Paci-Catchers™ are:
Safe: Paci-Catchers™ clips have no sharp edges. The PVC-coated teeth are gentle on clothing and skin. These fully adjustable Paci-Catchers™ also cut back on germs and viruses by keeping Pacis off the floor.
Multi-Functional: Paci-Catchers™ are versatile. They serve as toy tethers too and can help you make an on-the-go bib or nursing shawl. Just connect two Paci-Catchers™ together and clip to a burp cloth for a bib – or clip them to a blanket for an instant nursing cover.
Adaptable: Our adjustable-length Paci-Catchers™ connect to ALL pacifier styles, including Gumdrop, MAM and Soothie. Adapters are sometimes needed, which you can find on our Pacifier Adapter page.
Convenient: Best of all, Paci-Catchers™ help you manage your life a little more easily. No
more lost toys, bending over repeatedly to pick something up, or asking “Where is the Paci?!”
All Paci-Catchers™ and accessories are handmade in the USA by a work-at-home Mom.
We make many other Catcher items! Check out our Pants Catcher™ and our Sippy Catcher™!

My Thoughts:
Because my boys have never used pacifiers we opted to test a Pants Catcher. I was hoping it would help B hold his pants up while potty training because his belts are much to hard for him to undo himself. It worked well on some pants but on others it was not quite long enough.
When we put the Pants Catcher on C we had exactly the opposite problem. It fit well on most of his pants but on some it was too big.
We did love the idea behind the Pants Catcher as it is certainly easier to use than a belt when changing diapers or potty training however I wish it had an adjustable length so they worked with more pants and for more kids. I also love the many colors and patterns that the Pants Catcher comes in.

Make sure to check back for a great giveaway from Paci-Catchers later in our Ready 4 Baby D event.

*Disclosure: This product was provided to me at no charge by the company for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid or compensated in any other way.

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