October 6, 2011

Babee Greens Review

About Babee Greens:

Our line of certified organic cloth baby diapers and baby products was developed out of a desire to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemically grown cloth and plastic disposable diapers. Created in the Blue Ridge Mountains nearly ten years ago, Babee Greens, formerly Baby Greens Diaper Company, began as a small business with one big goal of nurturing babies and the environment. Now owned and operated exclusively by mothers, Babee Greens has continued to expand its sustainable and biodegradable product selection, with all of its products made in the USA. The diapers and related diaper products are manufactured in Asheville, N.C.

Babee Greens maintains ethical and safe manufacturing standards and is proud to deliver the highest quality organic diaper and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide. 

Babee Greens uses only the highest quality, eco-friendly fibers in its cloth diaper products, including 100% certified organic cotton, organic cotton/hemp blends, hypoallergenic, non-PVC poly resin snaps, and 100% unbleached cotton thread and elastic.

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides. It is wonderfully soft making it a pure and natural choice for baby's delicate skin. The organic cotton used in Babee Greens all natural fitted diapers is milled locally, making this line of products 100% USA made.

Hemp is one of the world's most biodegradable and sustainable fibers. The natural oils contain anti-microbial properties resisting mold, fungus, and bacteria that can cause diaper rash. In combination with its unique breathability, the dense fiber absorbs four times more than cotton alone, thus creating an ideal cloth to touch your baby's skin. Our hemp and organic cotton blend diaper is one of the softest, most absorbent diapers you can buy.

Our Thoughts:

We have used our new Organic Cotton Diaper on all three boys. Since B doesn't wear diapers as much I missed the photo opportunity when he had it on but C and D's photos are below. I really love this diaper! It fits both boys easily and is slim yet very absorbent. D wears the diaper without the insert and it still works well and we have had no leaking problems. 

My other favorite thing about this diaper is that it is natural. C has so many allergies diapering is more trouble than it should be. This diaper works great for him however because there is nothing for him to be allergic to. 

The only complaint I have is that E complains about having to get his fingers wet when changing a diaper. Spoiled, spoiled boy!

We have been machine washing and line drying this diaper and after a month of use it still looks almost brand new!

If you are looking for an awesome organic diaper that will last make sure you check out the selection at Babee Greens today!

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