October 22, 2011

How To Pack A Giraffe by April Beker - Review

About How To Pack a Giraffe:

It is exciting when the circus comes to town and the elephant's parade around so everyone will know that they have arrived. People are busy caring for the animals and setting up the circus in a new town. There is a petting zoo and animal rides, and of course the performances. It is spectacular, but soon it is time to leave and move to another town.
One little boy wonders after the circus departs one night how this all works, how they pack up and move all the animals so fast but especially, how they pack the giraffes?
It is not until the following year when the circus again comes to his town that he finds the answer to his question.

My Thoughts:

The story line of this book is good. I love that it encourages kids to ask questions and keep looking until they find an answer. I did however find two big problems, for me, in this book. First is that it is too old for my kids. They like the pictures with all the animals but the story itself is still too mature and would be better for someone in the 8-12 age range. The second is the punctuation. The use of commas is simply awful and it was very hard to read when much of the punctuation was incorrect. Great story if you can get past that though.

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