October 6, 2011

Gift Ideas for Men

Buying for E is always hard. Not only is his birthday just a few short weeks before Christmas, and our anniversary a few weeks after, but he has this bad habit of just going and buying what he wants so I never have any good ideas. This year I have thought of a few fun things to get him (hopefully he's not reading this post) and I thought I'd share my gift ideas for men.

1. Electric Drill - He always wants one of these and he killed the last one building our chicken coup. I'm on the hunt for a nice one at a decent price.

2. Clothes - I don't know about your man but E goes through clothes faster than I can buy them. I don't know how as he wears his work clothes almost all the time but somehow it's his shirts and pants that always have holes.

3. A new razor - This can be a big deal for a man (apparently). E is required to shave for work and school (oh and it's also a requirement for me) so having a good razor is extra nice. I bought him a nice electric one last year but have been saving to buy him a replacement head.

4. Electronics - It seems like guys always want electronic stuff. E really wants a TV. I don't know if it's in the budget this year but I'm going to see what I can find.

I hope this helps as you begin, or finish, you buying for this holiday season. Good luck and happy shopping!

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