October 21, 2011

NanoStyle I Love You Pendant Review

About NanoStyle:

NanoStyle is a jewelry company established in 2009. They specialize in innovative jewelry that expresses the diverse cultures of the world through their art.

My Thoughts:

NanoStyle sent me a beautiful I Love You in 120 Languages Pendant to review. Although I do not wear jewelry on a regular basis, it tends to get broken with the kids, I love the simple elegance of this piece. When you first look at the pendant it looks almost like a thumbprint, it is not until closer inspection that you realize what you are truly seeing. This piece has so much meaning and would be the perfect gift for the love of your life.

NanoStyle has many different pendants and are just coming out with a new line of rings to match. Although I love the black onyx of my pendant, they do carry other stones as well for both the pendant and the ring. If you are interested in the rings make sure you sign up for the newsletter, found on the homepage, so you will be notified when they are available. While you are looking make sure you become a fan on Facebook and twitter so you can hear about all the latest styles.

Lastly, don't forget to let us know who will be getting a beautiful new piece of jewelry in their stocking this year...we won't tell.


  1. The pendant is beautiful. I love finding different necklaces to wear. Thanks for introducing me to a great company!