October 18, 2011

Chores for Tots

At the Kerr house we have the "problem" of having kids who want to help all the time with jobs they are not big enough to help with. I am constantly looking for chores that B and C are capable of doing that they can help with so they don't feel left out. Here are some ideas.

C (18 months - 2 years):

  1. Set the table - This is probably C's favorite job. The problem rises when he wants bowls and we need plates.
  2. Fold the laundry - He doesn't get to help with everything but he is great at putting the wipes, soakers and  covers in separate piles. 
  3. Picking up toys - He may not always want to but once we get him started he does a great job.
  4. Putting away groceries - At our house we have 3 locations for groceries, downstairs food storage, garage fridge, and kitchen. C's favorite ones to take go downstairs, just don't hand him anything that can brake.
B (3-4 years)
  1. Drying dishes - This is something new for B as we usually just use the dishwasher but he loves to dry the dishes with his very own towel and then put them away.
  2. Fold the laundry - B is really good at diapers and he can fold small, simple items like washcloths and hand towels.
  3. Bringing in bags from shopping - Be does a great job as long as the bags are not too heavy.
  4. Gathering eggs - This is something we love B to help with because in order to get the eggs you have to jump the fence and it's much easier for us to lift him over than to jump over ourselves. (Tip: only let him get one egg at a time, they bang together and make great sounds.)

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