June 26, 2013

Benefits of an Emergency Dentist

You may not give much thought to needing an emergency dentist in Raleigh, but it is topic that you should give ample consideration to. Many dental patients assume that their general dentist can handle any emergency that comes up, but that isn't always the case. A general dentist is not used to dealing with critical care situations like an emergency dentist is. Although, you may never think you will need one of these dentists, it is a good idea to learn why these dental professionals are beneficial to you.
All dentists receive a thorough education. However, an emergency dentist receives specialized training like an oral surgeon or orthodontist would. These individuals are not only trained to respond to an emergency situation, but they are trained to administer anesthesia. They may also be trained in both pediatric and regular emergency dental procedures. If you have children and you are searching for one of these dental professionals, ask how well they are able to respond to pediatric emergencies.
Dentists who perform emergency dental procedures are prepared. There offices are set-up ready to deal with the worst dental emergencies. In a general dental office, there would not be emergency kits prepared and ready to go. A dentist who specializes in urgent care has an office that is similar to a hospital ER; hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.
No Waiting
This seems like a no-brainer, but if you rely on your general dentist to perform emergency services you could find yourself sitting in a waiting room in pain and frustrated. Dentists who only perform emergency procedures do not take appointments. They are ready when you are. Of course, in the instance of more than one patient it may be necessary to set-up a triage and take the most critical patients first. Look for a practice that has more than one emergency dental professional on staff to ensure that your emergency is tended to right away.

When interviewing an emergency dentist in Raleigh, keep in mind that you will not use him or her all the time. Therefore, do not let cost be a factor in your decision. Review their education, how prepared they are for an emergency, and the size of their practice when making your final decision.

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