June 24, 2013

Newborn Diaper Service

I've cloth diapered all four of my kids and for the most part I love it. The one thing I don't love however is trying to put diapers on a newborn. With the boys, I didn't feel it was worth buying newborn size diapers so my preemies were in sposies for the first few months until our one size diapers fit. With baby sister we were given the opportunity to try a diaper rental from Lovely Eco Chic for newborn cloth that I loved!
The only downside I saw to this service is that it does take her 2-3 weeks to get the diapers to you. Not a huge deal but just plan for it so you have the diapers when you need them.
On the upside, the package I received had everything I needed to diaper my baby until she was big enough for one size diapers. Here's what my package looked like:
I certainly had favorite diapers in the package but they all worked well and kept me from having to buy sposies for baby F. Because of her weight gain problems this was a huge blessing because she is still a little 12 lbs and still fits in these newborn diapers (although the one size are starting to hold things in). 

I highly recommend a diaper rental service for anyone who wants to try cloth or needs newborn diapers for just a bit. It worked great for us! If you're interested in learning more make sure you visit Lovely Eco Chic to learn more about the many rental options she has to choose from.

While you're there make sure you check out her Pay It Forward Cloth Diapering Assistance Program. I really love this program and how it is run in conjunction with the cloth diaper rental service. Lovely Eco Chic sends every family who rents NEW diapers to use and then when you send your diapers back they become part of the assistance program for low income families. The cost for these families is $5 per month for six months and the diapers are theirs to keep for as long as they need them. I sure wish there would have been a program like this to help me get started when I began cloth diapering B! If you'd like to help donate to the cause make sure you head over and do so. I know there are many families that will thank you for your help!

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