June 20, 2013

What Features to Inspect in a Used Car

Some novice car buyers are often intimidated by purchasing a used vehicle. They are unsure whether the Bull Valley Ford they are looking at will be reliable and won’t lead to heaps of money spent on repairs. However, if you know what to look at before you go on a test drive, you can rest assured the vehicle will pass the first test.


One thing you should look at is wheels. Examine the wheels for tread, using a tire tread gauge, found at most auto parts shop. This tool will tell you if you will need to buy new tires when you purchase the vehicle. Also inspect the car’s tire wear to see if it’s uneven. If the car’s wheels are out of alignment, they will need replacing later on.


For many car owners, the exterior is a very important feature. If you see that a car has scratches that have silver and brown at the bottom, know that the abrasion has penetrated the metal. A silver shade means that the scratch is fresh, while a brown hue indicates rusting is an issue. White scratches can be touched up with a home auto kit, but scratches with rust require more than just a $100 paint job.


The interior is another important feature. If you open the car door and are overwhelmed by the stench of cigarette smell, understand that this scent will not go away. Another thing to evaluate is the seats. If there are tears and rips in the upholstery, know that these will only get worse, and covers will not fix the problem. If there are seat covers, ask to remove them so you can get a good look at the upholstery.


The lights of a vehicle should be in working order, since faulty lighting can lead to major problems. Check the front and back lights to see if they function; test the level of your brights. The dashboard lights should work as well. Take note of the indicator lights, particularly the “Check engine” light. If this pops up, do not purchase the vehicle. If other indicator lights come up, ask an auto mechanic to look over the Bull Valley Ford.

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