June 20, 2013

SUVs of All Shapes and Sizes

There a coupes and sedans for those who are alright with a smaller car, there are trucks for those who want size and power, and for those who want some combination of the two there are SUVs (sport utility vehicles). SUVs provide more power and towing capabilities than compact cars, but also provide more room for passengers than a truck. Most SUVs also come with four-wheel drive. If you’re looking at buying a Ford Escape in Plainfield, IL, then you’re looking for an SUV. However, SUVs come in three different general sizes, so you can get exactly the type of vehicle you’re looking for.

Full-Size SUV

Full-size SUVs are the largest of the family. When it comes to size, power, and towing capability, a full-size SUV is on par with trucks. In fact, the front end of a full-size will often look very similar to that of a truck. The major advantages of driving a full-size are greater cargo space and passenger space. Also, because of the sheer size of the vehicle, it is likely to have very high safety ratings. If you want to be driving the biggest thing on the road, go with full-size.
Mid-Size SUV

Mid-size SUVs are a bit smaller than full-size. Their size is usually on par with that of a minivan, but they still often come with four-wheel drive and towing capabilities. If you’re looking for a vehicle that you’ll feel safe in, will fit the whole family, but is a bit smaller and more fuel efficient than a full-size, a mid-size SUV is perfect for you.

Compact SUV

Despite being the smallest vehicles in the SUV family, compacts still provide more cargo and passenger space than coupes, sedans, or hatchbacks. Because of the smaller size, a compact’s engine doesn’t have to work so hard, and this will lead to better fuel economy. You may not be able to tow a boat around, but if you’re just looking for more space and safety than a car can give you, a compact is the perfect fit.

Telling the Difference

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Ford Escape in Plainsfield, IL, then you’re looking for a compact SUV. If you aren’t sure what’s technically considered compact, full-size, or mid-size, there’s no need to worry. What’s more important is that you know that there are several types of SUVs available, so there’s no need to settle for anything less than perfect for you.

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