June 19, 2013

How to Prepare for University Finals

Many college freshmen are intimidated by taking finals at the end of their first semester. While this task may appear daunting, remember that many of your classmates and school’s upperclassmen have achieved this and haven’t flunked out of school. As long as you study and prepare accordingly, you should pass your NYU finals. For tips and suggestions, follow this guide.
Start Early
Many students like to resort to cramming when finals roll around. This solution is advantageous to few. It’s best to start early. Take careful notes throughout the semester and actively learn concepts that you know will be on the final later on. Review these teachings regularly so it sticks in your brain. If you learn better in a group setting, join or create a study group. As you listen to your classmates and try to teach them a few helpful concepts, you’ll surely learn more.
Study Helps
There are several learning tools you can use to help you understand what’s taught in class. Some students like to use highlighters as they read if they are visual learners because they feel information will stick out more in their minds. The same can be said for flashcards. If note memorization is required, by all means, use this tactic to reinforce certain terms and concepts. If you discover that there will be essays on the test, consider writing out potential questions and answers ahead of time.
Review Sessions
One great resource for preparing for finals is a review session. Your professor will run these or ask their TAs to hold them prior to the exam. If you’re lucky, your instructor will give you a study guide ahead of time. Fill this out to the best of your ability ahead of time and use the review session to verify if your answers are correct. If you cannot find an answer or are confused about something you learned (or didn’t learn), use this opportunity to ask the teacher or TA about it.
Treat Yourself
Finals can be a grueling time for many college students no matter how long they’ve been in school. Be sure you take care of yourself during this time. Get enough sleep, since this will help repair damaged brain cells and restore full mental capacity. Also eat good brain food. Of course, indulge in junk food if you feel the need and take frequent study breaks. Then you should be ready for your exam at NYU.

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