June 26, 2013

Why Is Your PPC Campaign Failing?

Internet marketing is a world that is always changing, and can be incredibly frustrating. Developing a PPC campaign is a difficult process, and without the right knowledge, your campaign can fail. Determining how to find the problem and how to solve it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Here are a few reasons why pay-per-click campaigns run into trouble, and what you can do.

Clicks and Impressions
If the problem lies with your clicks or impressions, you need to look at a couple different things. First, increase your daily budget allotment so your ads can receive more impressions. The other thing to try is to reduce the cost-per-clicks for some of the keywords. In many cases, you are paying too much for keywords that are underperforming. It is also important to remember that other competitors in the industry could be paying more for the keywords, and this will hurt your campaign. One nice feature Google has done is provide companies with tracking tools that indicate if you are using negative keywords that hurt your campaign. 

Have you checked your quality score recently? The quality score companies are given come from the ads you create, your landing pages, and the keywords you use. You need to use keywords that are relevant to the customers, and you must focus on sending people to a landing page that is relevant to their needs. If an ad is targeted to a particular group, and you send everyone to your home page, you can lose customers. Change your ads to test some new copy and landing pages. If the response comes back positive, you can easily identify the problems with your other ads. Negative keywords are usually one of the main problems companies deal with when they are trying to fix their quality score.

The other area where you can struggle is with your overall average position. If you find that your position is dropping, your keyword bids are too low, and you may have a low quality score. The search engines will give a higher priority to the ads they feel are relevant to the searchers. You need to make sure you work on your quality score so your ads can be considered relevant. A great PPC campaign can take time to create. Remember to be patient with your ads and consider outsourcing to professional SEO providers if you cannot seem to improve your ads.

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