June 19, 2013

Charter Boats Are Not Just for Fishing

Living along the coast, everyone loves the beach. The sun and sand seem to breathe new life into even the most stressed out person. Sailing over the waves can make you feel like you have been whisked away to a new world. For years, anglers have been chartering boats to take them out to sea to fish. The rich and famous have been cruising around in their yachts sipping champagne. But, chartering a boat is not as cost prohibitive as you may think and it’s not only for fishing. Many companies have great packages with very affordable rates. You can click here to find out how much your ideal cruise might cost or keep reading about the different types of cruises offered by charter companies.

Fourth of July
Fourth of July is a summer tradition celebrated all over the country. Family and friends get together to gorge on delicious food and just hang out. Of course, there are the fireworks, too. Who doesn't love fireworks? But, you don’t always have to celebrate in the backyard or sit in a crowded park to watch the fireworks. Charter a boat to take you out to sea and experience the amazing show in the sky from a different angle. The reflection off the water doubles the magic as the sky lights up with the wonderful colors. Another plus that comes with chartering a cruise on the Fourth of July? Out at sea, there are no trees or buildings to block your view. 

Sunset Dinner
One of the tried and true first dates is dinner and a movie. Now, imagine your dinner aboard a private yacht cruising along the coast and your movie is the sun sinking slowly towards the horizon until it is replaced by the moon and stars. Sunset dinner cruises are not only wonderful for first dates, but they make a great place for proposals, too. 

Corporate Events
How about a corporate event cruising along the coast? The captain will take you and your employees out for several hours to enjoy the sight and sound of the ocean. You can even have bartender service to accompany your corporate lunch. Some boats can accompany up to 500 guests, perfect for any office party. Or, a great gift for the top sales performer this year. 

Corporate events, sunset cruises and Fourth of July cruises are just a few examples of the different and affordable ways that you can enjoy a day or night at sea. See it's not just about fishing. To learn more about chartering a boat such as how much it costs simply click here.

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