October 12, 2012

Finally Friday at EdenFantasys *Adult*

Halloween is almost here! I know, it sure feels like it should still be January. This week E and I were making sure we had everything covered for the kids for Halloween. I think we're almost there (I still need a hair bow for the baby). After we got the kids figured out E was asking me if I was planning on dressing up. My response was “are you kidding me?” I mean, by the time I get the boys all ready trying to do something for me is a complete joke.
What E doesn't know is that I do have a costume for Halloween, it's just not going to get used until later. I got a great buy at EdenFantasys where all their costumes are on sale. They have a great selection of adult costumes that are perfect for after the kids go to bed. One of my favorites is this Rain Dancing Diva. If it's anything like the last Dream Girl costume I bought it is really high quality and super soft and at EdenFantasys you won't pay nearly as much as elsewhere.
EdenFantasys has lots of great sales going on right now. I love that you always get free shipping and a free item comes with every order. They also have amazing deals (like 90% off) if you like their Facebook page. That means that you can get exactly what you want at a price that doesn't break the bank on everything from lingerie, beauty products, and more. Thanks EdenFantasys!
Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!

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