October 9, 2012

Wild Mountain Mommies Diaper Covers

Another thing I have decided we need more of for our baby girl is fun, pink diapers. Don't get me wrong, I love our diapers with dogs and trucks and they would work just fine but there is something about a diaper made for a little girl that just makes me smile.
Although baby girl is still much to small for most cloth diapers, I think we finally have one newborn size diaper that fits, I am having a blast with my little girl collection. One of our newest additions to our pink fluff stash is this cute Care Bear cover from Wild Mountain Mommies.
I not only love the bright colors of this cover but it also has a really nice fit. The photos here are of the cover on C and you can tell that it's great. Another thing to note is that this cover is very large. Remember that C just turned 3. Most of our diapers are on the last setting with him but this cover still has room to grow. A big bonus for those of you with larger children.
This is a great cover and I am thrilled to have it as part of our stash. If you're in the market for diaper covers make sure you check out Wild Mountain Mommies and check back here at Kerrific to win a diaper cover of your very own during Fall Fashionista.

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