October 19, 2012

Unclaimed Legacy by Deborah Heal

Yesterday I told you about an amazing book, Time and Again, and today I am thrilled to tell you about the second book in this series. Unclaimed Legacy by Deborah Heal is a great continuation of the story of Abby and Merri's odd computer program.
As their summer together continues Abby agrees to house sit for a friend. While they are there the neighbors, fondly called the Old Dears, ask Abby to help them do some research on their family tree. They find an amazing story as they use their time searching methods to learn about the Old Dear's history.
During this book Abby, Merri, and their new friend John learn the truth about a long ago murder, and a great promise that is just waiting to continue it's legacy. I really liked this book as well. These are great reads and I'm sure that you will love them. They would also make wonderful holiday gifts for anyone whole loves some historical time travel.

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  1. Thanks again for a wonderful review. And I like the way you think in terms of holiday gifts! My mom is my best fan: she's giving Unclaimed Legacy to everyone on her list:)

    Your readers can enter to win Time and Again, the first book in the series, over on my website. I hope they'll visit (and like) my author page Facebook as well.