October 17, 2012

SnuggyBaby Ring Sling

As a mom of four small children there is one thing I never have enough of, hands. I will forever be envious of spiders and their ability to have extra limbs, or at least I am until I remember how many children a spider has at one time. One thing that has helped me to achieve my spider status is my new SnuggyBaby ring sling. In fact, this is what I look like most days. Yes, that's me in true colors with my sweatshirt and sling.
I love this sling for when I'm doing homework or other simple household tasks. It allows me to keep my baby close. I love knowing that she is safe and comfortable but still having two hands to do other things. I'll also use this sling when I go to the store with all the kids. It makes it so I have one arm to carry D and one hand to hold onto C who holds onto D. Needless to say that going out is stressful with all four kids and knowing that at least one of them is safe and I have two hands to help control the other three is wonderful.
As you can see, baby F is quite comfy and is generally asleep when she's in the sling. If you're looking for a great tool to be your extra set of hands check out SnuggyBaby's  great selection of slings, wraps and carriers. You're sure to find something there that you'll love!

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