October 17, 2012

Cover Up With Covillow

There was a day, not so long ago, when I did most of my nursing at home with no one else around and it didn't matter if I was exposed or not. Now that my boys are older and can ask questions and we frequently have guests it has become more important for me to be modest while nursing the baby. I've tried lots of different nursing covers, including a receiving blanket, and this time I am really enjoying my fun pink cover from Covillow.
Not only do I love that this cover's pink, yes I know your sick about hearing more about my pink and purple obsession, but I also love that I am safe from prying eyes in every direction. Unlike some covers this one is really easy to use and it does cover all the way around which is wonderful. The pillow that is attached to this cover is an added bonus to help save your back. I have used it in two ways, either to help hold baby up, or to help support my back if I am sitting in an uncomfortable chair and it works great for both.
I really wish I would have had this cover back when I was pumping at school. It would have saved me a lot of time trying to pump while still staying covered and seeing the pump so you can make sure everything is going where it needs to. This is such a great cover I recommend the Covillow to any mom who nurses and feels the need for some privacy without stress. You'll love it!

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