October 4, 2012

LOVESAC Slippers

With almost all of my kids spending time in NICU I have never had the luxury of being able to relax in my room during my hospital stay. I have also decided that I must not be the only new mom making the nurses run around like crazy (more on that delivery story soon) because they keep those hospital hallways really cold! I was so thankful to be a little warmer this time around thanks to my new slippers from LOVESAC.
My absolute favorite thing about these slippers is that they are super soft. In fact, they are so soft that my kids like to steal them and wear them on their hands while rubbing them on their faces. They are really wonderful!
During my hospital stay I also loved that these slippers have a harder plastic bottom so I didn't have to worry as much about slipping and falling as I was up, walking around in the hallways and outside. They made me feel lots better during my middle of the night trips to NICU to feed the baby for sure! They were perfect for my hospital stay and will be wonderful for keeping my feet warm during the upcoming winter too.
If you're looking for some great slippers for you, or as a gift for anyone with cold feet, than you should check out LOVESAC today!

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