October 10, 2012

Ritmo Prenatal Sound System

This pregnancy I had the privilege to try lots of products I had never used before. One of those was a Ritmo prenatal sound system. As a musician I understand that music can have a big effect on people, especially children. I also know that listening to the right kinds of music can allow you to focus better and make you smarter. This is also true for babies in the womb but my favorite thing about allowing your baby to listen to music pre-birth is that it is supposed to help you bond faster and the baby stay calmer and who doesn't want that?
Baby F is still a little young to know if she's smarter and although we did bond quickly I can't say it's all because of the music but what I can say is that the Ritmo system was super easy to use and very comfortable to wear. No, I didn't wear it in public, I'm not that brave, but I did wear it around the house and the boys had a great time putting their faces up to the speakers on my belly to listen. I enjoyed knowing that my baby was safely listening ti my music with me thanks to the Ritmo's safe decible level controller.
If you're interested in learning more about music and your baby you should check out Ritmo's website. They have lots of great information about why it is good for you and your baby. I have also been given the opportunity to giveaway a Ritmo Basic right here at Kerrific so make sure you use the form below to enter!
Happy Belly Dancing!
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