December 15, 2012

Cleaning Carpets

Cats Cleaning Carpet
At our house it always seems like we need extra money. To help this E is always looking for odd jobs to do. Last spring he had the chance to go help a carpet cleaning company for a few days while they cleaned apartments at our school between semesters. He said this was a pretty boring job but can you imagine all the interesting things you might see if you worked as a Paris, France, Hollywood or even a New York carpet cleaner? Yes, I'm sure that many of the jobs would be dull, just like these university apartments but I bet every once in a while you would find an amazing home to clean.
On that note, I really need to be one of those dull houses and get the carpet cleaners in here. I mean, I do have nine resident carpet cleaners but I'm getting really sick of the cat's hairballs, the dog's sniffing, and yelling at the kids to quit eating off the floor. Yes, with all these crazy creatures to clean after I rarely having vacuumed floors is a luxury. I suppose I will have to put the carpet cleaning off another few months until it's warm outside and I can send everyone out for the day. Until then I'll just keep doing my best I suppose.

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