December 17, 2012

MilkBands for Mom

With baby #1 I did a pretty good job of keeping track of what I was doing. I always nursed on the correct side and I could always tell people how long it had been since the baby had had his diaper changed. With baby #4 I've gotten a little less responsible. Ok, not really but things are a lot crazier and it sure seems like I'm looking my marbles.
One tool that has really helped me out with baby four is MIlkBands. This is a simple tool for nursing moms to help them keep track of what they are supposed to be doing. The bracelet is super easy to wear and all you have to do is change the time and flip it over when you are done feeding baby so that you know exactly where to start next time.
If you're still looking for a great gift for a new mom I highly suggest MilkBands Nursing Bracelet. She will thank you from the bottom of her heart.
milkbands nursing bracelet

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