December 21, 2012

Find A Dental Practice for Sale

Laughing horse ready for the dentist
Buying a holiday gift for your spouse is always a challenge. The only thing E keeps telling me he wants this year is a visit to the dentist although I'm really not sure any normal person would wish for that. With all the money I will end up spending on dental work for my family over the next few years it would probably be worth it to find a dental practice for sale. Too bad I don't have the right degree to do dental work although I don't think I could stand looking in people's mouths all day. I suppose I shall just have to keep taking my boys to their wonderful dentist and then find one that E and I will enjoy too as we haven't found a new adult dentist since we moved. Any suggestions of a great local dentist would be wonderful!

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  1. Justin and I just started going to Comfort Care Dental. The office is really nice and the hygienists, assistants, and dentist were really nice. If you plan to go there, let us know because they have a great referral program.