December 15, 2012

Technology Gifts

I'm always amazed as Christmas draws closer at how many of the good deals on gifts at the stores are on electronics items. Do people really give that much technology for Christmas? I know that with my family I make a point to buy things that don't need batteries. It makes my life simpler and keeps my house quite. I also know that toys without buttons are better for kids' imaginations which is just another good reason to keep electronic toys out of my house. Not that this means we don't have technology. E and I both have computers and the kids to get to play on them occasionally but other than that we have found that it is much more fun to sit and play Snack Attack than it is to all sit around with our computers and not talk to each other. What do you think? Do you ever consider not giving electronic gifts for the holidays? If you do, why? Let me know what you think!

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