December 29, 2012

Proposal Turns Into Unity Candle Ceremony

red and orange candle bonfire for wedding proposal
The other day I had a friend share pictures of a wedding proposal they helped to set up. I had to laugh after looking it the finished result. It was beautiful but they had used red and orange candles to create a bonfire in the living room. This was great since the guy wanted to propose around the campfire (something its much to cold to do in Idaho right now) and between the candles, sleeping bags, and s'mores ingredients it certainly gave the room a camping feel. The funny part was that after they had everything set up the lit the candles and turned out the lights. The couple arrived home shortly and found all the candles melted together. It looked like a unity candle ceremony for sure! Thankfully they didn't burn down the house. And she said yes, so all's well that ends well right!

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