December 21, 2012

HCG Hormone, Pregnancy, and Your Diet

I've never been much for dieting but I am looking into making some weight loss goals in the new year. In fact, I happen to know that E has gotten me a bunch of tools to help me reach my goals for the holiday. I was doing a brief search today looking for companies to help me reach these goals and ran into an article that I found very interesting. The article was about the HCG Hormone, known to me as the pregnancy hormone, and was recently published about HCG as a weight loss treatment. Apparently this is not a proven weight loss treatment and is in face illegal. I guess I was confused at how someone could believe that a pregnancy hormone could help you loose weight, most pregnant women gain a lot of weight. Oh the things people believe.  

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  1. I actually know people who have done this diet and they did lose weight (because they were only allowed to eat 800 cal. or less a DAY) and as soon as they stopped they gained all their weight back and then more. I'm so glad this wasn't a post on how great the diet was!