January 26, 2012

Mod Review

If you own a camera and haven't heard about Mod you are missing out. They make high quality, and beautiful, camera straps, bags, and other camera related products. I was lucky enough to get a camera strap to review and although I don't have a camera to put in on, yet, this makes me all the more excited to get one. I have never worried about buying nice things with the kids because they are so hard to keep safe but I have been looking at getting a nice camera and this makes me feel so much better about spending money on one.

If you have kids and have a nice camera, or any camera, I highly recommend trusting Mod to help you keep it safe. They are wonderful to work with and they have a strap and bag for every style. Also, don't forget to head over and win during ABE.


  1. I love the styles they have at Mod. I have a nice camera and am dying to get one of these!

    Marlena Curley

  2. I live how colorful all their straps are.
    Jessica Cox


  3. How sturdy are the straps? I'm considering getting a strap for my SLR and that thing's heavy.

  4. Sounds like a great camera accessory.