January 8, 2012

What We Looked For In Buying A House

When we began looking for a house we began a very long process. Part of what made this so long was our specification in what we wanted. Because we didn't have a definite time frame this allowed us to find a great house that fit the majority of our needs.

The first thing we were looking for was that it had to be at least a 4 bed and 2 bath house. We knew that we needed at least this much room for our growing family. Another thing we looked for was to have three bedrooms on one level. This was not mandatory but I'm very glad we found one that met this requirement. It is very nice to know my kids are close when they need me.

Another thing we were very concerned about when buying our house was the yard. I rally wanted the boys to be able to play outside. I am very grateful that our new house has a good sized fenced yard. The fence is wonderful especially since our new house is on a fairly busy street.

Although we did get some of the things we really wanted one thing we did not get that we would have preferred is a master bath. There are days when I regret not having a master bath as sharing with the kids can be messy at times but overall I am very pleased with our new home and am very grateful for the space it has given us!

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