January 18, 2012

SodaStream Reivew

Something interesting about our family is that B & I are allergic to soda. We haven't tested C or D yet, chances are they will also be allergic, so E very rarely gets soda. He thinks this is sad because he likes soda but at the same time it saves our budget not to buy it for him (usually some of it ends up going bad too).

E was thrilled when we got a SodaStream to review. Of course it came right between his birthday and Christmas so he was extra excited! He loves his new SodaStream and I do too.

The first reason I liked it was because it looks nice. I don't like having cluttered counters and the SodaStream's slick design makes it look stylish in my kitchen. I also like the fact that the outside of the SodaStream is easy to clean. This also helps my kitchen to stay clean and tidy!

E loves the SodaStream because it is easy to use. Simply fill the bottle with water, attach to the machine and push the button to carbonate, and add flavor. He has told me that some of the flavors are a little off, usually sweeter than store brands, but he has quickly learned to adjust them to his liking.

I love the size of the bottle as it doesn't take up the whole fridge. It is just the right size to last E 2-3 days which is a good amount so it doesn't go bad.

I would not recommend using the SodaStream to make soda for a party as it would take a long time and you would have to rotate containers but for everyday home use it is the perfect solution for a little soda treat now and again.


  1. Glad E can get his soda fix now at a cheaper price tag.

  2. That looks awesome! I want to try it. I bet the kids would just love love LOVE this!

  3. i really want to get a soda machine...will save lots of money not buying sodas weekly!