January 17, 2012

Learning About Food

Photo From The Polka-Dot Umbrella
With E and I at school everyday we have to work hard to find fun situations to teach our kids useful things. It is extra wonderful if these teaching times can help us get chores done as we are always crunched for time. Recently we have found a great new game that both B & C love and we get to learn at the same time. The game ... putting away groceries.

The way we play is that I look at the receipt from the store and tell both B & C to get one specific item (usually different things) and they have to look in all the bags and find them. As soon as they find it they have to come show me so I can mark it off the list and then take it to E and he helps them put it away.

As I said, both boys love this game and it is a big help. Not only do they get to learn about different foods and what they look like but they also get to learn descriptive words like hot, cold, and heavy. It is a great use for C's newly blossoming vocabulary and makes a sometimes frustrating chore a fun family activity that often provides laughs. Tonight for example, C was going to carry a gallon of milk to the kitchen but B said, "no, I have to carry it cause I have muscles and C doesn't have any yet." It was adorable!

What do you do with your kids to make chores fun? Let us know. We'd love to try it out!

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