January 24, 2012

Interesting Resumes

As we work to hire a nanny each year for school I am always amazed at the types of resumes we get. Some of them are pretty good and it is obvious that someone has helped them learn this skill but some of them are very sad. So, to help some of you out, here is a list of things I do not like to see on resumes.

  1. Parents as References – Now, if you're married and have changed your name you might be able to get away with this but please pick someone you know who is not family for at least one reference. Even if you don't/haven't work(ed) for them you have to know someone.
  2. Write your name at the top – This may seem like another duh but it can be very frustrating when I have someone who doesn't do this and I have 20 applicants. If you want the job, please let me know who you are.
  3. Leave some things out – I know my applicants are young but I honestly don't care what you did when you were five. This tends to be distracting so please just include things that are from high school on, we'll save us both some time.

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