January 1, 2012

RuffGrip Review & Giveaway

When we adopted B3 one thing I new we needed was a good leash. Because of B3's large size and his strength I looked at a lot of different leashes before finally buying one. The one I bought worked ok for a while but when RuffGrip sent me one of their leads it replaced it in a heartbeat. We love our new RuffGrip lead and don't use anything else, especially for B3.

My very favorite thing about our RuffGrip lead is the rubber weave in combination with the leather. I have always had problems with my hands when I had large dogs in the past because they would pull the leads and eventually my hands would crack and hurt but that is no longer a problem with our RuffGrip lead. The rubber weave is just the right texture to allow a good grip, I can even have my gloves on, and the leash is not going to be pulled out of your hands. This is also great for the kids because I know when they are holding the leash that the rubber is strengthening their grip and will help them hold on better.

The 6 ft lead RuffGrip sent us has been the perfect length. We use it every time we take B3 out, and sometimes in the house too. I highly recommend these leashes to every dog owner. The price is not that much greater than a simple leash and it is much better quality. It will be well worth your investment!

RuffGrip has generously offered to give one Kerrific reader a 6 ft Lead of their very own. Please use the form below to enter and make sure to thank this great sponsor!
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  1. You know our dog. I think the medium leash would work for Cleo and the black will go with her coloring.

  2. We have a new little chiuahuah puppy named Jack!


  3. Kouga is an Alaskan Malamute mix who is a real large sweetie. I follow you on GFC as cstironkat.

  4. Leia- Mastiff

    Wallace- Samoyed Retriever Mix

    Theresa J

  5. I have a chihuahua rat terrier mix named Nala.

  6. I have 2 chihuahuas. Buster and Darcy. Thank you for this great giveaway. :) Jeanne, jeannebates_t@yahoo.com

  7. My dog's name is Roscoe and he's a black & tan coonhound!

  8. I have a 90 pound german shepherd named Murphy and a little (relatively) 10-12 pound chihuahua/pug/somethinglarger mix named ethnie!

  9. Dakota is our 4yo collie/blue heeler and Apollo is our 5mo Saint Bernard "puppy" (who is already bigger than our full grown collie mix and over 50 lbs... )
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  10. I have a curly coat retreiver named Molly
    tjranch at ymail dot com

  11. I have two dogs
    Cinnamon and Sugar
    Cinnamon is a Sheltie/Beagle mix
    Sugar is a Rat Terrier mix