November 22, 2011

Snack Attack Game Review

 With three little boys we are always looking for fun family games that everyone can play. Snack Attack has become just that for our family. Snack Attack is produced by ThinkFun.

Snack attack is a matching game where everyone takes turns to make a very interesting "pizza". We have had so much fun playing that the boys just do not want to stop.
 The rules of the game state that you should have the head chef turn the "ingredient tower" and fill the spots. Then everyone looks and shouts out what matches they have and the first one to claim the card gets it. We played a little differently, sense C doesn't talk, and just went around the circle of ingredients. I would ask, "what is this?" and then after they told me, "who needs ___ for their pizza?". It worked really well and the boys had lots of fun matching. We also learned some new foods, like peanuts and green peppers.
Altogether this is a very fun game and could really work for most any age. I would suggest that an older child or adult is the head chef as you do need to push slightly on the ingredient tower or you get cards stuck in the bottom. This is not hard, I just found the boys liked to try to lift it up which I think was what created the problem. This would be a great gift this holiday season. Go check out this and all the other fun games at ThinkFun!


  1. I think my boys would love this game. I love games that are for little kids.

  2. I really like games that make the kids think...not just the mindless stuff. This company seems to have a lot of them, and this game is adorable!

  3. This looks like a really fun game! I think I'm going to gran one for the kidlets for Xmas this year, or better yet, maybe I'll WIN!

    ~Terri Babin

  4. This looks like it would make a great gift for some of the kids I baby-sit!