June 19, 2012

Original Sprout Bath & Body Products

If there is one thing I have learned when talking to other moms it is that no two moms agree 100% on how to raise their children. This includes their opinions on things like bath products. I am a mom who is not overly picky, it just has to be something that works with my kids' sensitive skin and if it's something I can share with them it's even better.

Recently I found a product line that fits both these descriptions with Original Sprout. They sent us a couple of different products to try and we have really loved them! My personal favorite was the Baby Cream. I really love the way this feels when you put it on. It is also a deep moisturizer and when I use it I only have to apply lotion every two to three days which is a big time saver.

The best news about Original Sprout is that the are completely "free & clean" meaning that they have no parabens, nanoparticles, formaldehyde, petroleum oils, proplene glycol, dioxanes, sulfates, gluten, soy or dairy. Now that is amazing!

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