June 19, 2012

Start to Finish Review

As I have been told to limit my movement with this pregnancy my boys have gotten to watch more and more TV. In most cases I try to avoid television with my kids because I think there are so many other things that are better doing. I love to have my kids discover for themselves rather than watch someone else do something. There are certain things however that it's just not practical for a toddler to discover for themselves. Recently we were introduced to a new movie, Start to Finish, that helps toddlers take those things that they know and connect them in ways they may not get the chance to otherwise.

For example, my boys know what cows are and they know what milk is, but without actually taking them to a dairy far (which I hope to do when they're older) we've had a hard time connecting that milk and cheese come from cows. They get the whole egg and chicken thing thanks to our feathered friends but some things are just harder to explain. That's where Start to Finish comes in. They have taken everyday things that your kids will know about and shown them how they are made.

This is an amazing DVD and the only video my kids ask for by name. They love to watch it and I love that they are learning and can then tell me about what they saw. One of the best things we've done is taken this and applied it. One of the segments in this show is about making pizza so after watching it we made our own pizza. It was a blast and I got to let the kids give the directions. I have never seen my kids so thrilled to listen to me explain a process. Now they want to know where everything comes from and, although I spend a lot of time explaining, it is great to see them learning and growing.

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