June 28, 2012

A Stay at Home Mom's Soup for the Soul

I love being a mom! It is absolutely the best thing in the world. I love the days were my boys behave well and are happy because smiling kids are the best. Unfortunately most days are not like this and sometimes I feel like I need a little inspiration to keep going. That's where Chicken Soup for the Soul comes in.

Chicken Soup for the Soul recently published a new edition just for Stay at Home Moms that is excellent. This is a great book for moms because it doesn't require lots of time. (My dad would say it makes a great bathroom book.) It has stories for a mom in any sort of mood. Best of all the stories in this book will help mom to realize that she is not alone and others are facing the same struggles she is. For me that is always the most important part.

If you know a mom who deserves a special treat make sure you go check out this, and all the other editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul .

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