June 14, 2012

Patriote Peril By Thomas Thorpe Review

Patriote Peril is a wonderful historical mystery. Beginning in New Brunswick, Elizabeth begins her journey when her family carriage suddenly returns empty. As she begins her journey to find her lost family, with the grudging assistance of the local law enforcement, she heads up the St. Lawrence River. By the time Elizabeth reaches Quebec she is on her own and in trouble as she quickly realizes someone has stolen the identity of both her and her missing husband. The question is if Elizabeth can keep herself safe while still managing to find what happened to those she loves.

This is a truly wonderful book. I love a good mystery and this was awesome! My favorite thing was that the story kept me guessing until the very last page, there aren't many books that can do that. The story itself was well written and fairly simple to read. There are a decent number of characters to keep track of so although the book is not overly long I would not recommend it for anything but an adult. If you like a good mystery this is a book you should add to your collection today.

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