June 16, 2012

Cover Your Hair Review

One of the things I enjoy most in my getting ready routine is doing my hair. Many days it is done very similar, simply to lack of time, but I love having freshly brushed hair and brushing my hair always makes me feel better.

I have told you before about a site called Cover Your Hair. Recently they sent me an adorable hat to review. Although it is the wrong season right now I can't wait to wear this in the fall. It is so cute and looks super nice. As you can see, C likes to wear it too. Isn't he cute!

Cover Your Hair has everything you need to keep your own hair looking nice, other than the haircut. They have lots of fun hair accessories from newborn sizes to adult and they come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. I also love that the accessories are very reasonably priced and that you can almost always find a coupon code to use too. If you really want to save, just order one of their mystery items or check out the clearance. You'll love what you find!

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