June 15, 2012

Scope ME Baby Review

Today I am super excited to tell you about a fun, new "local" (as close as it gets for us) company with some very fun products for your kids. Scope ME Baby! sells super fun onesies for a baby. We had them send us D's onesie for his first birthday and it hit the spot! 

When the onesie arrived I couldn't stop laughing and had to show my humane society friends right away. Because I know you can't read the picture it says, "I will grow to love animals of all kinds, becoming jackpot for a Humane Society feel-good reality show!" This totally fits E and I's personalities and we love the fun looks we get when people read D's shirt.

The onesie itself is awesome quality. It is a wonderfully soft fabric and has done remarkably well in the wash. I also love the sleeves on this onesie. They are elbow length making the shirt appropriate for both summer and winter.

We have had so much fun with this onesie! All the onesies have fun pictures and even better sayings. Now I'm just waiting for some toddler versions so I can see what they have to say about my other kids.


  1. What a funny shirt...and a fantastic cause!

  2. Ha! So cute. I love supporting local companies when I can. :)