July 23, 2012

Crane Frog Humidifier Review

There are so many things I have learned about being a mom since I had my first. It will never stop amazing me how much you learn through experience. One of the things I have learned is that every household should be equipped with at least one humidifier. They are a great tool for moms and can help in a variety of situations.
Recently we have had the opportunity to add Freddy the Frog to our nursery and I love that he is not only cute but functional as well. A humidifier can do many different things. My favorite is that it can help sooth dry coughs, nose bleeds and dry skin. Some of you might not have this problem but out here in Idaho we have very dry air and when we amplify that with the heater or fans running it can cause quite a few problems. Keeping a humidifier in the bedrooms is a simple fix to a big problem. I love having my humidifier running next to my bed at night because I sleep better, something that is all too important during pregnancy.
Crane's Frog Humidifier holds one gallon of water and runs for about 24 hours without a refill. It works in rooms up to about 250 square feet. My favorite features are that it does not use a filter and that it has an automatic shut off. If you like this frog you should check out all the other Adorable Humidifiers they have available to help you complete your child's room.

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