July 15, 2012

Tommee Tippee Review

Much to the doctor and dentist's dismay, my boys all use sippy cups. They say it makes them high risk but I stick to my belief that they'd be higher risk without them because I'd get awful tired of cleaning up the messes when they don't pay attention and tip their cups over, which only happens about twice a meal.
Thankfully, my kitchen is well equipped with Tommee Tippee cups. My boys and I love these cups and have gotten quite the collection. My favorite thing about these cups is that they are truly no-spill. As long as they are put together properly, something even B and C can do, they will not leak. This makes them the perfect cup, not only in my kitchen, but also in the car, in the diaper bag, and anywhere else we may be. It is super nice to just not worry!

Although the no-spill fact is enough to convince us to keep these cups around, Tommee Tippee has gone above and beyond by making these some of the most adorable cups I have ever seen. They come in bright colors and the little characters are absolutely adorable! We just received some of the new styles and already my boys are in love with the robots and dinos!
The last tidbit I'd like to share is that these cups last. We got our first Tommee Tippee cups well over a year ago and they still look almost brand new, even with nightly trips through the dishwasher. This is awesome for all of us who have more than one child because we can use them again and again.
Thank you Tommee Tippee!

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