February 7, 2013

A New Choice for Your Laundry

Baby Laundry Purex
This week I have been having a amazingly hard time getting things done. It seems like just when I get one task accomplished there are five more that need to be done. One of those tasks this week is laundry. I've had my washing machine going since first thing Monday morning and it still hasn't stopped. The even worse news is that I haven't had time to fold any laundry yet, since I can't do it while the kids are awake because it turns into an even bigger disaster, so all of my laundry is clean, but piled on my basement couch. At least, thanks to the new Purex Triple Action baby detergent I used, it smells nice. Someday maybe I'll be done potty training kids and have some help that can fold more than the socks and my laundry will be caught up. Until then, I'll use wonderful smelling laundry detergent and enjoy the nice smell it puts throughout my house.

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