February 26, 2013

Humerus, Ulnar, and a Little Pain in the Back

So, I got what we thought was a great toy for E for Valentines. Humerus & Ulnar are is a joke telling bone that is actually quite funny. They are clean anatomy jokes that we enjoyed listening to. The problem started at the fact that although this toy is supposed to be noise activated it was set off at the littlest bump and noise. It was cute but it got a little old. The good news, for me, was that it didn't take long for the batteries to die. Now the kids have adopted it as their dump truck driver. Kinda cute! Although I would suggest this as a perfectly wonderful gag gift or really for anyone else, consider yourself warned that if someone passes the luck to you plan on passing the luck on unless you need another child who won't be quiet. You can thank me later.

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