February 4, 2013

Valentines Food for a Diet - Valentines Day 4

I've always thought it was silly that we all make New Years resolutions, many of us to loose weight, and then the next big holiday is Valentines when we eat as much chocolate as possible. This year, because I am working on loosing weight, I have been working to find some fun foods to celebrate with that won't kill my weight loss just when it's going so well. Here's what I've come up with so far! As you can see we're going to have lots of fun for Valentines, and I'll still be able to meet my daily goals.

valentines heart eggs
These fun Eggs will be the perfect breakfast.
Photos from Yeowzers

Valentine breakfast eggs in bread
Source: craft-craft.net via Vicky on Pinterest
These awesome eggs and toast are another great breakfast idea!

Valentine Heart Hot Dogs

Source: totallypinteresting.com via Jessica on Pinterest
These fun Hot Dog Snacks are going to make the perfect lunch for me and the boys!

Valentine heart grilled cheese

Source: totallypinteresting.com via Ronnie on Pinterest
For dinner I'm thinking these fun heart sandwiches would be fun (since my kids love grilled cheese and tuna).

Valentine heart spaghetti

Source: mynameissnickerdoodle.com via Sharon on Pinterest
Another fun option would be spaghetti with these fun hearts. 

Valentines Heart Scone with Berries

Source: joandsue.blogspot.com via Jo and Sue on Pinterest
For dessert I'm going to splurge on these scones. They look awesome and I'm about ready for a fun sweet treat!

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