February 15, 2013

Why You Should Look At Short Sales When Buying a Home in Las Vegas

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Many of you know that we bought our home almost two years ago. I love being a home owner! It's so nice to know that our house is ours and I can paint and do other little things whenever I'm ready (watch for some great posts about our bedroom, kitchen, and dining room make overs soon). It's getting to be spring time again which, at least in my area, means that people are starting to house hunt again.
When buying a house there are lots of ways to save money. One great way to save yourself some cash is to look into buying a home listed as a short sale. A short sale is a great way to buy a home for less because it generally means that the current owners either aren't paying their lender or that they owe more than the house is worth and the bank is looking to cash in so it is likely that you will be able to get a good deal.
One of the best things you can do for yourself if you are interested in a short sale is to hire an agent that has short sale experience. They will be able to give you all the information you need about buying a short sale in your area. I know our agent was great when we placed an offer on a short sale. She had worked with the bank before and helped us understand what was happening and kept us up to date on everything.
Other then that buying a short sale really comes down to putting in the right offer at the right time. There will be bumps along the road but the payoff can be great if you get a short sale. However, I'm here to remind you that anyway you buy a home you'll love the sense of accomplishment it gives you. Make sure you find the best home for you and buy in your budget so you don't end up at the other end of a short sale and you'll be very happy with your investment, I know we are!

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