February 15, 2013

Our Plumbing Troubles - I Should Have Called Rotorooter

This last month we had another small plumbing problem. It wasn't happening terribly often but for the last two to three months about every other load of laundry that E started (mine were fine for some reason) would overflow the washer. He was determined that it was not because he was filling the washer too full as I suggested (you should see how much crap he tries to wash at once, there's no way it's getting clean) but that it was overflowing because the drain line was clogged.
So what did he do? Instead of going to www.rotorooter.com he went and rented a drain snake and wasted a whole day trying to clean out our mainline drain. It was super frustrating because it made my whole house smell! Plus instead of using his old work shoes he had on his new school shoes while he was working so they were covered in crap too. YUCK!
After it was all done he took the drain snake back, since we were paying by the hour, and then came home to clean up. But when I went down to my laundry room, where he had been working, to try to do laundry the next day there was still crap all over. DOUBLE YUCK! Needless to say I didn't have a chance to clean it up with the kids running around so I had him do it when he got home but by that point we were out of diapers and the kids didn't have sheets for their beds. Ahhh! Sometimes I love having a husband who does fix it chores but sometimes I wish we could just call someone. It would be so nice to have someone just take care of it and clean up the mess so I didn't have to worry. Plumbing problems are the very worst for this because they can be super expensive to fix but it's worth it to have running water and a dry basement I suppose.
For us the whole snake the drain thing didn't work so great anyway. E still puts too big of loads in the washer and it still overflows sometimes. For now I think I'll just stick to doing the laundry myself because I don't have time to spend another two days cleaning my plumbing right now.

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